Manufacture of Production of Traditional Cretan Pastries and bakery products "Gergeri" - M. Maniadakis welcomes you.

In its electronic pages it tries to give a complete presentation of its work from rich informative material.

Manufacture is found in the municipal apartment Panasou of Municipality Rouva on the country road
It began its activities in 1998 with proper funds. The owner Mr. Maniadakis has previous experience in the sector from 1994 with the corporate enterprise “Artemis" with 50% participation

Mr Maniadakis recognized the big void in the market in the particular products and decided to create the manufacture "Gergeri" which provides exclusively traditional pastries and bakery products with reliable preservation (only frozen).
The enterprise has a rapid growth rate. Its products are in great demand. In 1998 “Gergeri” enjoyed approval of LEADER II for supply of mechanical equipment.


All our products follow the models of international rules on the health of consumer as the enterprise has been certified at ISO 22000:2005 for the sector of quality of its products while its productive process is harmonised also with the requirements of testimonial HACCP that also allocates the enterprise.

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The elements show the rhythm of rise and profitability of activity, which is moved in level of the 25% annually.

The enterprise occupies 9 individuals permanent personnel and 5 members of Mr Maniadakis family that with taste and abundant care create "Gergeri’s" delicious products.

With friendly greetings Mic. Maniadakis   

 The installations of "Gergeri Manufacture.      

The main customers - collaborators of enterprise are
  • The company “Manoysakis Eleftherios and SIA O.E. “with seat at Korydalos in Athens who distribute in all the chain of supermarkets of CAREFUR and in a lot of enterprises of foods in all Greece.

  • The chain “Delifrance” in Athens.

  • The Union of Rural Cooperatives of Iraklion

  • The company “ANASTASAKIS” Supermarket

  • The company of Pastries and bakery “Artemis” in the Knossos Avenue in  Iraklion Crete

  • And a large number from Enterprises, Restaurants and Taverns in all Crete that selects our dishes as the main Desert in their Menu.

  • The Union of Rural Cooperatives of Peza
  • P.S.P. Ariadni
  • Super Markets - Harma


                                    Email: Τηλ.++30 2894023675 fax.++30 2894023822         

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