Cretan Nutrition 

The Cretan nutrition is rich in vitamins and nutritious components and is based on pure, natural materials. Fresh salads, meat and fish, cheese and local specialties all made and cooked with exceptional olive oil of local production. Flavours that bring us more close to the natural way of life and at the same time protect and shield our organism.
If now in all that you also add the imagination of the Cretans in the mixture of materials and the way of cooking, you will have a explicit sample for what precisely it means Cretan nutrition

A Research of 1960, known as "the seven years Study", showed that the Cretans, compared with 16 other populations from seven other countries, showed the lowest percentage of mortality in the heart sicknesses, the lowest generally mortality independently from the cause of death and so concluding to the bigger longevity. Later researches showed that exceptional Cretan health was directly connected with their nutrition.
The characteristics of the nutrition of a resident of Crete in 1960 (same almost from the Minoan times) was the home bread, the abundant legumes, the vegetables and fresh fruits, once a week the meat, twice a week the fish and the mediocre consumption of red wine and olive oil.

Today the developed countries of the world promote nutrition guides that are based on the traditional nutrition of Cretans for the prevention of chronic diseases and the good health of their residents. On the contrary in Crete, the newer generations abandon the traditional nutrition, that is considered a shield for the health, and they adopt the imported models of nutrition «western type», with daily consumption of meat, eggs, cooked pork meats, sweets, refreshments and many other biomechanical products.

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