The sweets and pies based on "myzithra" are among the favorites of the Cretan People. "Myzithra"    (a kind of white soft cheese), produced with slow heating of the cauldron, comes second in order of cheese-makingproduction.

The herb-pies, which are of excellent  nutritional value, hold a special place in their daily diet. The delicious combinations include over 80 different kinds of wild herbs with  rich flavour and aroma.

 Kallitsounia  A typical Cretan sweet with myzithra
 Kallitsounia Anevata  A typical Cretan sweet with myzithra special baked
 Myzithropita   The traditional myzithra cheese-pie
 Hortopita  Herb pies made with wild herbs such as "maratho, myrithohorto, ..."
 Hortopitakia, Myzithropitakia Small cheese and herb pies
 Tyropsomakia  Cheese-bread from choice Cretan cheeses.

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