Qualitative Control 
The quality is the most important factor that “Gergeri” manufacture worked out with particular gravity and responsibility for its products from the beginning of its formation.

All our products follow the models of international rules on the health of consumer as the enterprise has been certified at ISO22000:2005 for the sector of quality of its products while its productive process is harmonised also with the requirements of testimonial HACCP that also allocates the enterprise.    

  The Traditional Cretan Dishes that we prepare are maintained in the freezer for 8 months from the day of their preparation. Our most modern installations ensure constant quality and flavour with strictest control in natural feedstock.

  Our freezers installations are from the most modern and absolutely safe with their modern control digital system..

The manufacture "Gergeri" provides quality and continuous control of products that it puts in the market from the supply of natural feedstock up to the dish of consumer.

The personnel is excellently educated and works following all the sanitary rules from the chain of production up to the freezer of products.     Also the installations of freezer are checked and regulated from a Computer in order to we have excellent results.

For us in the "Gergeri" manufacture it is very important our customers in Greece and Abroad they take products of most excellent quality with Cretan traditional flavour and quality.

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